Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was meaning to post some pics. Time is passing, it doesn't always feel like anyone actually reads this. But it's nice to have a place to sort my thoughts any how. Where to even start. I'm waiting for a few things, all medical. My lab stuff for me, Jack's MRI. Oh, he went in for his 6 month cardiology (more like 9... it was late)he had an ECHO too and did, thankfully really well sitting still for them. Watching Open Season and giggling; for the most part. He did wince and scowl at the tech a few times. When they have to press on some areas and Jack has no padding like Mom to cushion the pressing, i'm sure it hurts some. I asked the tech if they could print a hard copy of Jack's heart since they had once in the past from Jack's request. He wasn't sure how, so he got someone. They didn't have it set up to do so, they felt bad so they copied it all on to a CD. More than I asked for and very nice. I can review his whole ECHO and have, all 50+ pictures. They were meant to be just still shots, but it's the actual whole ECHO. And now that they think they may have found "SOMETHING" I've had even more insomnia. Jack's Cardiologist said it could be a blood clot. It is near the hole they purposely placed in his heart to let the O2 flow through his heart. IF it is a blood clot it could dislodge and go through his heart and up to his brain, causing a stroke. They can give him stronger RX, but would have to go in once a month to have his blood drawn, so as to monitor the levels in his blood. I don't know what else it could possibly be. But instead of speculating, they are going to have an MRI done to get a better look at it. Jacks cardiologist told me he'd asked the specialist if they could get a better look in that area. And had it confirmed. And pressed to me the urgency of it and that I would receive a phone call to set the appointment... This was Friday morning. It's now Tuesday, and they called this morning just to inform me that the specialist has to place his signature on the urgency as to when it will be scheduled and then they'll schedule it. May be within the next few days. They really know how to hurry things along and make you wait! This is rather typical... as long as he's not scheduled three months from now, or that would really stress me out.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's in a name...

I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. I have a couple of friends currently expecting and having to think about names. When I was first expecting Duncan, I had researched his name online and it happened to stick. Jared really was hoping for a girl. He'd picked out Lindsay (go figure our first daughters name)Jack of course was named after Jared and his father. I loved the name Elizabeth, and it happened to coincide with Jared's sisters middle name. Then came Ruby. As pictured above. That's my grandma. I didn't know what name to pick for a while and when thinking about character and personality I couldn't help but smile when thinking of my Grandma Ruby. My mom loved to take her to the movies because she always was so openly emotional and brought such energy and life to whatever you'd be watching. One time I went along to see Titanic. You could hear the OOoohs and tisks and everything coming from Grandma. Then upon leaving the theater Grandma turned to me and asked who played the villain. There was a huge display and I pointed and said "Billy Zane" She walked right up to the card board cut out and kicked his name.
Then there was the memory of grandma asking me when I was 14 or 15 are you going dancing tonight? (it was a Friday). No, grandma I don't dance. I replied. She then told me of how she always went dancing when she was young.
Even younger, earlier memory. When my opinion of grandma was (SHE's SO OLD!) I was maybe 10. She saw that my friend and I were trying to play jump rope with one long rope tied to the house. Well that wouldn't do. She joined us. Not just turned the rope, but actually got in on the jumping.
Grandma was never harsh, nor negative. She was joyful and loving. All the things that I think of in my grandma I really hoped for in my daughter. Ironically Ruby has been the most calm and joyful baby thus far. Not that I don't love my other children, I do. But she hasn't been medically stressful, nor has she had some of the loud personality traits of my other children. Maybe grandma's name has more to it than just remembering and hoping. Either way, it's a great name and I'm grateful for both people whom I know in which it represents.