Saturday, July 31, 2010

Please bless the little black eyed girl...

Tonight I ran an errand. Our bank does not reside in our city, so I ventured out further to make a deposit. I got to get out and drive, by myself, and visit the craft store as well. This time I was not quite prepared for the happening that occurred. While I approached the ATM, which was inside a retail store, there was what appeared to be a couple right ahead of me. I politely stood back a few paces, waiting my turn. When they walked away and I took my place in front of the ATM, I noticed the screen said, "Would you like to make another transaction", WOW, I thought... Those kids must not know how to use the ATM. And I selected, "No". For them. Then, the ATM said, "Please take your card" as it spat it out at me, I grabbed it turned and saw that I could still see the couple that had been at the ATM before me. I ran (Literally) Catching up with them, I said, "HEY, You forgot your card!" They turned and the girl flatly said, "Thanks". three workers craned there heads to watch me run, it must have been quite the site. I walked back happy and with adrenaline slightly moving and figuratively patting myself on the back, thinking I'd done good. I finished my transaction and began to leave. Having had a few more moments to ponder upon what had taken place... Something didn't feel right. Something was wrong. I thought it could happen that someone could mistakenly leave there card behind. But having someone else stand right beside you and not having cleared out the transaction. Plus there was the way she said thank you. And there was one more thing. She had a huge glaring black eye. My mind raced with all the possibilities, the scenarios, the trouble. She may be in trouble. I didn't make it back to my car, I just had to tell someone. Maybe they could look at the tapes to make sure? I walked back to the two gentlemen sitting behind desks who'd both craned there heads around a beam to see that I handed back the card. I approached them and asked, "Do you remember what had happened a few minutes ago when I was in?" One man said, "You mean when you ran after that couple?" I said, "Yes." I then proceeded to tell them how I'd found the ATM and that it seemed odd and how she had a black eye. He then replied, "It's none of our business." I said, "I just had to tell someone to see if there was anything that can be checked into." "Nope, not our concern." I turned and walked to the car. I feel as though I failed. I hadn't reacted quick enough. I should have not been patting myself on the back for a job well done, but thinking, This isn't normal behavior and asked the girl if she was OKAY! I bawled. What if's popped up all over the place and I called home to tell Jared. I did offer a little prayer up, hoping that if she is lost or in danger, that she well be okay. I suppose it just goes to show you that it isn't always the initial "good deed", that presents itself. Remember to listen to that still small voice, and give it room to speak right away!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer dinner... for the kids.

Lindsay is down in St. George having fun. So, I decided to have fun with dinner for the rest of the kids. These hot dogs that Jared bought are about the size of Ruby's arm, they are HUGE!!! They are like eating two hot dogs in one (too much... and fun too) The eyes are cheetos. The poor quality of photo is because it's a snapshot from my phone and my camera taking a picture of my phone, it was faster don't ask.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


On the web the other day, I read an article about a giant prehistoric whale skull that had been discovered. The teeth were 15" long! I called Duncan over to the computer to show him. I grabbed a tape measure and we discovered his forearm from elbow to finger tips was exactly 15" I exclaimed, "Look how huge those teeth are!" He replied, "I wish we had one, we could put it under our pillow and then maybe the tooth-fairy would replace it with a gold bar!"