Friday, May 14, 2010

A bit of nostalgia and a bunch of MEH...

Snowball flowers laced onto string, honeysuckle, picnics, normal fresh tasting large carrots, real sandboxes, PBJ's, chocolate, mac n' cheese, fresh baked bread, catsup, pink hair rollers popsicle-stick shoebox dolls, records - stories and music, and ribbons, frothy fun bubble baths, lush green grass, running through sprinklers and dental waterpik's. Interject Mom in there a bunch and you have the list of a few of my favorite things. Not that I would want all these things at my doorstep today (but a few).

I was in the process of making my kids lunch and once again, could not make one thing for all. (something that plagues me at nearly every meal). I had to boil two pots of water, one for Lindsay's spiral buttered noodles and the other for Mac n' cheese. A simple task that I usually don't think twice about, but this is the norm for me. Lindsay despises Mac n' cheese, admittedly probably a healthier choice anyway. I loved mac n' cheese as a child. I also loved catsup in about everything; now not so much. Even simple, normal catsup friendly items like a hamburger or fries... I must have over done it for I won't reach for the catsup very often. Also Jack not only despises catsup he will temper tantrum over it even being near him; that too goes with bread of any kind unless it is pizza.

My kids don't seem to have the patience that I had as a child and somehow , now... lost. I could meticulously string blossoms onto a string or sew doll clothes and the doll! A few days ago Lindsay talked me into buying a "craft kit" of a foam castle. It looked as though it was a dimensional puzzle of sorts, pieces snapped together; sticker pieces, some assembly and glue required. IT became MY project and took a day, a whole day! I need to simplify.

My yard has never recovered the pre-owners neglect and it's been too much of a strain for us to try and completely mend it... It will take longer. So, no green grass for us. I look back at the simplistic things I enjoyed as a child and even though I can appreciate and do love progress, my kids will never completely understand what I had nor would they enjoy all of it. They have moved on and have their own likes and joys, I guess I had to grow up someday and this is my mourning over the passing of the past. Not to be completely mopey, I do have hopes and joys now, and continue to hope and strive for better...

And just so you know, Ruby tore off a bunch of the flowers and stickers, it will never fully recover.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

so much to say, so little time...

I have been busy with homeschooling. I don't seem to have as much time as I used to. Duncan is going to finish out the school year at home much stronger than had he stayed in the public school system. It was a very scary prospect for me to make this leap of faith. It was not only the right thing to do, it is far FAR less stressful. Don't get me wrong I have to work hard and sometimes feel like I've been punished. I don't have to do this alone next school year. Duncan was accepted officially a few weeks ago into K-12 Virtual Academy. Yeah for certified teachers! It is a school that is basically an online charter school. They have all the testing and requirements the state has for the public schools. It just eliminates the stressors and issues Duncan was having with school. Not to mention that there was no other options the district would give us. But that's besides the point, especially since we're happy.

It is my Grand's Birthday, bad me, I don't recall which. There was to be a surprise party today. Yet, she fell ill and is in the hospital instead. She was able to go last week to get all my Mom's temple work complete. She has always been so strong.

Last night Lindsay and I went to My nieces dance recital. Approximately a dozen teachers; kids ranging from 3-18 years old. Oh, and 600 kids! It was quite the production. Packed place, two nights double performances each night and possibly extending to a third. We're glad we went, my niece is very talented. Lindsay already had me buy her some ballet shoes and REALLY wants lessons. They're just too expensive. For now, she'll have to settle with dress up and dancing with angelina ballerina.

The wacky weather has been making my kids grumpy. Not only did Lindsay protest school this morning (not something she normally does) I had to pick up Jack early for bad behavior. He drew on the gym wall with crayon. At least they didn't call the cops on him. (seriously!) He did get suspended for the rest of the day. Wondering where he got the crayon. It is ironic to me that he won the reflections contest in art for his grade this year. I suppose they don't find it funny. It fostered a bit of comrodary within my kids and they played gleefully together at home. In some ways I'm looking forward to summer, but I know two weeks into it I will want school to be back in session.

Ruby is comming up with suprises every day to make us either laugh or scratch our heads in wonder. She decided for some reason or another to strip herself and all bedding down to the buff and scream bloody murder last night. She must have been bored, because after being re-clothed and bed fixed she went to sleep. A few days ago she looked up at me and said, "A-B-C-D... You funny!" She loves music and singing, often times she'll crawl on Jared's lap and ask for music at the computer. She actually tollerates my singing and loves the alphabet. When I sing the alphabet song, sometimes she'll even sing every other letter. She can count 1-2-3, but I think that's only because both Jared and I have used that in warnings to the other children.

The magnitude of my procrastination astounds me. I spent time I didn't have to write this. I do have so much that needs to get done. Maybe I will go play now, read a book, vege in front of the TV, nap! Here's to putting off things for yet another day.