Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have enough material and information on all the medical things I've gone through with my family to write a book. But who would read such a book? I'm a bit pessimistic on my ability to create a book that would put a more positive spin on our trials. Any how, with that said it has been a busy medical week for us.
First Ruby had her 6 month well child check up on Monday. She is following much of Duncans milestones. She's in the 95% in height and weight. At least she's not overweight, her height and weight match up. She is a nursing baby and has been held off on starting solids for as long as possible. Last week she had her first taste of rice cereal. We're taking things cautious, with the food allergy's. She had to get three booster shots. But didn't show her discomfort until they were done with the second, by the third she cried... but it was more of a "hey that's not nice!" She abruptly stopped as soon as she began, she is very forgiving.
Tuesday was Duncan. I had no baby sitter and ended up taking the whole crew to Duncans appointment to the Pediatric Surgeon to see if he needed another dilatation. Basically it's an outpatient procedure where they balloon his esophagus to stretch it out. He's been coughing a lot and throwing up again. The kids for the most part did better than expected... we got a compliment from the staff saying my children were really well behaved and polite. I guess I just stress easily. The doctor wanted to get an upper GI on Duncan that same day! I told him I'd be up the next day for Jack, without the whole family, so he agreed to fit him in then.
One less child to baby sit, longer stay... you get the girls, we'll take the boys. Essentially is what my niece Kait was told as plans were changed on Wednesday. Thank goodness Jared had that day off. (thanks for babysitting Kait!) It began as a very early morning for me, for I awoke at 3AM and couldn't get back to sleep. So I made sure everything was together and wasted some time on the computer. (I did the same thing today...) Any way, we got the girls off to Kaitlyn's and at the hospital we figured it would be at same day surgery for Duncan. I believed they were going to sedate him and do a scope of his upper GI. I prepared him for that. It ended up being a swallow study GI, so it was down in radiology. He was more than happy to drink that yucky chalky barium instead of getting an IV placed. Jared had gone back with him while I stayed in the waiting room with Jack. Since we had to get up early and the boys had to fast, we were all fasting. The tech and doctor normally deal with wriggling infants and screaming toddlers. They really got a kick out of Duncan when they asked him if he could swallow another cup of barium he told them, "I could swallow 10 more!" He was hungry.
The study went well, it was over quick. But they couldn't get Jack in any earlier Duncan was 9:45 AM Jack's sedated MRI wasn't until *12 (we thought). They wanted us to check in at 11:30 AM that's what I was told. We couldn't eat because Jack still needed to fast. So we took the boys to Gilgal Garden in SL. We'd had stumbled upon it when we had to park by the back fence while visiting Chuck A Rama when Jack was an infant up at Primary's. We have a picture of the rock heart. It was a fascinating find for us at the time. The boys had never been, so we got Jack's picture taken by the stone heart. I'll have to post one later. We got back promptly at 11:30 the receptionist tried to get them to bump us ahead, she was really nice and felt bad for the time we had to wait. Truthfully I was already prepared for it, so I didn't mind. A nurse came out with a permasmile and told me that we had arrived rather early Jack wasn't scheduled until 1. Maybe it was the fasting aspect of it, but she really grated on my nerves. Luckily I didn't comment and got over it.
Jack was called back and Jared and Duncan went to go eat, while I went back with Jack. He had been emotional himself and had had a few outbursts in the waiting room. One with a strange lady who was willing to hand over her one month old to Jack! Talk about me hyperventilating, that was a whole other story. They had a note posted to only give Jack's IV in his foot. No gas to knock him out or numbing to make it less painful. They claimed they got it on the first shot, but it took a while and they left a lot of Jack's blood on the gurney, so I'm guessing no. They let me go back with him. It was different than what I remembered when he was an infant. Wow those meds kick in quick, Jack was knocked out in a 2 count. He still flinched while they placed the monitor stickers. Normally for anyone they protect your hearing with the little spongy ear plugs. Since Jack is so sensitive they also opted to use both those and a headset to block all sound. They then had a padded cage they placed over Jack to help pinpoint... ah heck, I don't know what it was for. After they had him all situated and were going to begin I went for lunch. All said and done, he was back there from 1 until 4pm. Yes, I said 4. I left Jared at the hospital waiting and took Duncan to go get the girls. When Jack woke up from sedation he was three shades to the wind and really funny. He was saying "Hey I see that over there" as he pointed to what seemed to be nothing. Jared asked him what he saw and he said, "The wall... it's blue... it's HUGE!" His eyes got big and he would tilt his head. Then he told Jared that half of him was blurry and the other half was clear. Then one time he motioned for Jared and when Jared asked him if he needed anything Jack whispered to him, "I can't talk!" He was so out of it and amusing for the rest of the night. It was a very long day.
Today I'm supposed to go in for a follow up appointment myself, but I'm seriously considering canceling it. And that was my medical week.