Thursday, January 20, 2011

LRE meeting...

I have a meeting today with Jack's school. (A new school as well, district, and barrage of people claiming to want what is best for Jack) Apparently they aren't equipt to handle Jack. The most interesting phenomenon that I have found true with ALL school districts and the education of our children on a whole. Is that they use their jargon and acronyms as though they believe we are to know them as if it were common place. I find myself having to rush home and research online. I'm not knocking this current district, nor the school. They have been far more help to us than the previous. It's just the ability they have to instantly make me feel as though I haven't a clue. Does your child have an IEP? Have you had to go to a LRE meeting? Do you have a 1060J form or a BAC or LBD forms filled out? Yeah some of that was made up, but it's how it feels sometimes. Use real words people! I think the acronyms are about the only government feel the school decided to implement. I could think of five better things to use. I've also come across the differences between districts and what they decide to call things, again call things what they are. Just because you've decided to call a behavioral class a "Cluster group" doesn't change what it is. They love to tout they're successes but they seem to try to hide the rest. I am really sick of the politics and games that seem to be played by schools. There really needs to be an overhaul and big changes should be made. Do I attempt to? Or do I recess back and pull kids out and find new innovative teaching implements such as K-12. Leave the old behind for the new? I'm halfway there already. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a difference a month makes!

So it's been longer than a month since my last post, but I'm referring to the month of December. So very much occurred to our family in that month, that my head is still spinning and I'm not certain this life is even mine anymore, it doesn't resemble my life... But that isn't entirely a bad thing. Change is good and I am seeing many benefits of this drastic change. I don't recommend these types of changes for everyone and if it can be avoided chose the easier route. I also must thank all whom had a hand in safely getting my family to our new home within 4 days and all before Christmas! Freezing weather, snow and rain. But we had our tree up and had our Charlie Brown Christmas. The kids so excited for the new home said, "Mom, this was the BEST Christmas EVER!" Which totally made it worth it. Jared is still having gout flare ups nearly every other week. Fresh cherries that are in season somewhere and being shipped to us are staving off some of the full blown attacks. He has begun his physical therapy here and has found his niche in the transfer to the Jordan Landing store. It truly has been a blessing and more things are fitting as though they were meant to be. Jared hopes to learn Spanish to help further and show dedication to his job. We have many in our ward that could help him practice. For now we are still sorting and unloading boxes. Many trips to the D.I. and Dump ahead of us. Thanks again for everyone's support, concern, and care... We love you all!