Friday, June 19, 2009

additional pictures...

Feeling Patriotic

So much to catch up on and not enough time... Take a deep breath, and GO:
Grandma Suzie came for a visit and stayed with us for a few days. The kids were very excited for a house guest and grateful for the trip to the park. Thank you for mowing our front lawn too!
I've been busy with my etsy shop and working on custom projects. I'm currently working on making a marionette puppet and a large turtle with a plastic see-through bottom to hold stuffed animals. I just finished custom clay cookie cutters and 90 pocket folds for wedding invites.
We hope to get the kids enrolled in swimming this next round.
The picture I posted of Lindsay with her pillow of Foofa from "Yo Gabba gabba" is yet another request she made for me. I think she gets jealous of all the crafting when it's not for her.
Jack is fasinated by fruit stickers and has begun keeping them on my crockpot... and sister as posted.
We were able to go see the Thunderbirds practice through Make-A-Wish, up at HAFB. We had alot of fun, I only wish I had remembered ear plugs. I hadn't been to the air show since I was 11 or 12? Jared took Duncan with Zach and Jacob years ago... Ruby did much better than I feared. She didn't mind the loud screams of the jets. She even took a nap! It was the last two fly by's that did her in and she began to cry as we left. Duncan got interviewed by a reporter and had his picture taken next to one of the Thunderbird pilots. He even autographed a picture card for Duncan that was in a booklet they'd given us. It made the paper in the Standard Examiner. The boys had waited over 30 minutes to go into the cockpit of... a huge plane, no I don't remember what it was called. Just that it was huge and they had the ramp open in the rear and I wheeled the girls inside on the stroller to see what was taking the boys so long. Duncan had jumped into the pilots seat unexpectedly and they warned him not to touch anything, the engines were still running. Apparently they were not ready for us.