Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been kind in the past since they were our families source of income. After the firing of two heroic men for tackling a man with a gun. And preventing injury and death... And then the cruel and unusual way in which they now, only now after a month and a half, have decided to lay off Jared.

Tell me if this makes sense to you, because I have not even begun to be able to wrap my head around the nonsensical tyrannical hypocrisy of that which is Wal-mart. It began with excuses of managers when Jared showed up to work a month and a half ago. When he tried to clock in. It said that he didn't work that day. He thought that very odd, since he had just had his two days off. He went to the manager and they apologized for not having called him, but that they were over on there hours and needed him to not work that night. Not all that startling, that's happened in the past. They've asked people to go home a bit early or give up a shift to save them money. Just a little irritating that he wasn't called and prepared for a nights work and drove to the store. Then it happened again, and again, and again. Then the system locked him out. Apology after apology came from the store manager and upper management. They said an investigation was taking place. Jared called the corporate office and they said the same thing. He was told he was cleared to work the next day and then went in to find the system said he was locked out. It came to today. We gave up on them only last week and began filling out a new resume. But today is when the office called to say his employment was terminated. They apologized and said that there was an investigation and that people were coached. They were also busy with inventory. This all came from a poor receptionist. No word from the store manager or explanation. Apparently since Jared transferred from the store and they were doing "regular" lay offs the newest ones were the ones to go, which included Jared.
So, needless to say, Wal-mart is no longer a career.

New info: somebody is using Jared's social security and working for a painting company for the last year and a half, in Arizona. We just found this out by trying to apply for unemployment and they said Jared has been working in Arizona. But they at least acknowledge that impossibility of him working both full time jobs at Wal-mart here and in a paint store in Arizona. Identity theft too? REALLY? Oh great there is always a third. Pray for us, I'm bracing for impact!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We love the cousins!

I've been feeling down in the dumps, have had a lingering cold for quite some time and a bunch of other whiny complaints. So, it's been bitter-sweet having the kids cousins come up. I haven't really participated in there visit as much as I'd like. But, Jared has gone above and beyond and has happily taken the kids off my hands to be with their cousins. And they've been busy! We've also had an inspection on our house... a bunch of busy stuff. It looks as though it may finally settle down. And we are hosting a simple dinner party for the visiting family, cousins aunts and the like. We are so grateful that they made the trip, it's been a real treat. And easy to tell they are cousins!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

quick update...

Jack started at a new school in a class that is focused on higher functioning autism. It seems to be a great fit so far. This past parent teacher conference they raved at Jack's brilliance. I hear this across the board from other parents and such, so sometimes it makes me wonder if this is just positive reinforcement to parents when you're on the right track? It's still good to hear. With this new school, the bus comes and picks Jack up right from our front door. Which is mostly nice, the downside being the get ready and out the door by 7:10 AM.