Thursday, August 20, 2009

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I like the sound of the word Ambrosia. I named a stray cat that occasionally wandered into my apartment in Corning; because it had many colors to its fur. It reluctantly was given to a farm family, no, it didn't die, it actually went to a farm. My fish however wasn't as lucky. But that's another story all together.

I am having bouts of insomnia again. Well, this time it doesn't help that I have been sick in bed for the past three days. I've also experienced a relentless three day migraine, which I wouldn't recommend either. The whole family has done a round robin of illness and I've had to try to be the MOM and do the drill, open the windows clean out the house. So much harder when your sick as well. Jared has been a huge help to us all.

I wanted to post Duncan's Birthday, he turned 8! We had our big family campout... Jack came home sick and well, here we are. I'm still not sure when Duncan will be getting baptized, we need to talk to the bishop. But he is excited and he is loving scouts!

The kids are gearing up for school and becoming quite anxious. The boys will get there hair cuts (all of them) later today. Lindsay has been asking daily when she'll start school. I signed her up for head start but we won't hear if they've accepted her in for a few more days yet.

I had such a modge podge of information to cram in to one blog post and even more pictures if it will allow... that I thought it only appropriate to name this blog Ambrosia.