Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nine years ago today...

Thinking back nine years I do tend to be ever more the pessimist, yet I would still choose Jared and I believe he'd still pick me. We've had a good share of trials and tribulations. Also some huge miracles and blessings that we were privileged to share with one another.
As far as the day of our wedding nine years ago, I was happy with the photographer we found. I had my dress custom made. We were rather casual, less formal. The only thing I would have done differently; I would have made up a list for everyone involved that day and handed out more instructions. So I wouldn't have been left alone at my parents home getting myself ready with no one to watch that I didn't leave important documents behind to catch up to the wedding party and hold up the whole day of marriages at the Salt Lake Temple, while thanks to my brother in law making the mad dash back to the house to get said documents. Talk about tension. We had a beautiful reception in my parents back yard, surrounded by great friends and family. We thank everyone who has supported us and given us your love and help, though prayer, thoughts, letters, and more. We haven't hit our milestone 10 yet, but hopefully with each passing year we can continue to get to know each other better and have more amazing miracles and blessings. As far as the dreaded trials and tribulations, I just don't want to venture what more there is... I'm just comforted that we chose wisely in one another and together we'll support each other and make it through them one at a time.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth!

I didn't pull my camera out for the day. But we had fun. I asked Duncan in the morning if he knew what day it was. Upon telling him it was the fourth of July, he moaned, "Awh man! The Gold rush buying spree is OVER!" long pause, if you don't watch much TV, it's a commercial and unfortunately we watch too much TV. I then had to explain how it was the nations Birthday. Luckily he was interested in the information even if we didn't have any gold jewelry to turn in.

Jared had to work, so I let the kids play and watch TV. I made some fun snacks. Jared brought home some small fireworks. We cleaned the back yard together as a family and had fun letting off fireworks. We decided to let the kids stay up late and we drove over to the high school to watch the big fireworks. We got to see all but the grand finale. Lindsay had to go to the bathroom and Duncan wasn't feeling well. We ended up going home. But the fireworks were long and the kids were very tired. They normally go to bed at 7:30pm asleep normally by 8pm. After a little sleep-in the next day they raved about fireworks and wanted to know when they'd get to see more.