Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We love the cousins!

I've been feeling down in the dumps, have had a lingering cold for quite some time and a bunch of other whiny complaints. So, it's been bitter-sweet having the kids cousins come up. I haven't really participated in there visit as much as I'd like. But, Jared has gone above and beyond and has happily taken the kids off my hands to be with their cousins. And they've been busy! We've also had an inspection on our house... a bunch of busy stuff. It looks as though it may finally settle down. And we are hosting a simple dinner party for the visiting family, cousins aunts and the like. We are so grateful that they made the trip, it's been a real treat. And easy to tell they are cousins!

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Julie said...

Sorry you are down in the dumps these days. Hopefully spring will come for real one of these days & that will help!