Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lindsay's right nostril gives birth to a bean!

Jared was home for lunch and watched the girls for me as I ran to get Jack from school. Upon my return home Lindsay was holding a tissue and telling me she had something white up her nose. I thought maybe she thought boogers only were green and told her sometimes they are white. Blow your nose, you'll be fine. No, she insisted... it hurts. I tip her head up and indeed see something white. I conclude that possibly she wadded up tissue and pushed it up too far. Duncan loves to do this to try and stop the sniffles. We got a Q-tip and I tried to gently coax it out. That is when she tells me it is not a tissue and she did place it there herself. I then found the "music" container/ school project from one of the kids. She had pried open the top and retrieved a white bean. She decided for some reason that it belonged up her nose. This is the same girl who flushed a pair of panties down the toilet when she was potty training. Causing a great and horrible flood in the basement; a lot of work and cost. She is also the daughter that fell down the stairs needing stitches, and before had decided it was the thing to do to swallow a metal gold star sequin. Now the bean. I worked on getting it out for about an hour. I didn't want to cause more issues and we were resolved to have to take her in to instacare. It really made me mad that a single dried bean would end up costing us at least $100.00 Not to diminish the fact that I wanted my daughter safe... I was driving towards the instacare, thinking about the long wait and knowing it wasn't an emergency, figuring they'd most likely pop it out within seconds. I thought about my Dad and my childhood. How he was able to accomplish a great many things, being innovative and creative out of necessity. So, I asked Lindsay if she trusted me and if she wanted to go to Macy's or the instacare. She picked Macy's. I went thinking I'd find a better pair of tweezers. $10. later with many pedicure items in hand (plus the begged shiny lip gloss) We were back in the van and I was trying to pluck out the bean from her nose. Tiny tweeze only yanked a nose hair out and didn't open big enough to grasp the bean. But those wooden cuticle sticks, the one side with a beveled edge was able to push it to the right position and get it out! After the removal I mentioned how we don't stick things in our noses. And asked Lindsay why she thought she should. She plainly said, "Mom, I'm a kid."

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Julie said...

Motherhood is awesome, that's all I can say!!! Good thinking. I think you deserve to spend the $90 you saved on yourself!