Monday, December 17, 2012

Our new little one

Sophia Isabell Born November 27th she weighed 7lbs. 9oz. We have had a few doctor visits every few days, because she was a bit jaundiced. Also after loosing some weight as babies do. (They like them to be back to birth weight at two weeks). Instead Sophia lost weight and got down to 7lbs. she struggled to gain back at first, we think because of the jaundice she slept A LOT. It is difficult to get her to stay awake long enough to eat much. And now what she does eat, could possibly be thrown up... She has reflux too. She has turned a corner now and is slowly gaining. We had to wait awhile for the rights to our hospital pictures, so we've been relatively quiet on facebook and blogspot just getting to know our Sophia. She is by far our most quiet mello baby! A great blessing to us. And most importantly she is a healthy baby!!!

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Julie said...

She's precious!! I need to come for a visit!