Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet and savory...

Cooking some pork chops for dinner tonight (thanks Tiffany) And I baked a pumpkin pie last night for Jared. Yesterday I also made some fudge for the first time. I had the ingredients and had it on my mind to try it. It wasn't bad. Really soft. I know it's time to stop the holiday treats and move on to fitness and the New Year. I'm just a little behind. Santa did bring our family the Wii Fit so we've been excer-playing more than usual. It's a fun thing. Back to baking, I made some chocolate chip cookies today. I was going to make Oatmeal Raisin cookies, Jared will only eat the oatmeal with chocolate chips, and my oatmeal somehow got thrown out. Any how I've been feeling quite the suzy Homemaker I suppose. I've also been sewing a bunch. I've made Lindsay, Jack, and Duncan all large pillow spiders. I'm working on a product base to start up a home base business. We've got some good leads on where to begin. Now it's not getting bogged down with the fact that I don't have a name for the business. Any idea's or input will be more than welcome. We had some idea's, they were already taken. I may put up a poll once I have better idea's. The business is going to be making stuffed animals/creatures, cards, and jewelry. Maybe morphing into a mural business as well. The focus is on handmade items. The names we've considered currently are: Lisa Q Creations, The Q Creation, LLQ inc., Frog Yi (Yi is Chinese for art), or Green Frog. I can't believe I'm letting myself get discouraged over a name. I had less trouble naming my children. Any how, I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas! Have a healthy and wonderful New Year.

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Julie said...

What the baker! I'm sure your skills come from all the time we used to spend in your kitchen making creations. I just hope you did not add any green food coloring! Ah, good times.
Your spiders are cute. Good luck with the name. I like the yi name.