Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Jared will most likely blog about his experience with his injury, but as I mentioned to my Dad, it feels as though they are going as slow as molasses in winter. At least they approved his MRI, now if they'd only schedule it. I understand all the myriad of workers comp out there and the paperwork involved. I just can't stand to see Jared in pain, day after day with seemingly no end in site. It's very taxing. Both the Dr. and the PT believe Jared has a Meniscus tear.

School is much more tiring as a learning coach. Previously when school began, I could drop the kids off and have hours to work on either projects, chores, or errands. The teaching was (for the hours at school) 100% the responsibility of the public school system. (Other than a few volunteer hours some super Moms do). Now, I have much more responsibility. Blessing in disguise, Jared has helped sit by Duncan to make sure he stays on task, so I can work on laundry and such. It will be interesting when Lindsay begins preschool. To all those other Mom's out there, you're awesome, I don't know how you juggle the things you do... I seem to be lacking a lot. I do however still like K-12 better than public school. I wish they would integrate K-12 into the public school system, even if only as a trial run. Meaning that the students in a K-12 classroom would have each there own computer. I guess it would make the teachers feel MORE like babysitters.

Shifting gears, Ruby wanted to help with laundry today. She got up onto a step stool and hefted dirty laundry into the wash with me. And asked to help carry folded laundry up the stairs. She is so helpful (nearly 2 years old) very motherly too.

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