Monday, April 11, 2011

CRT end of year testing

Duncan is spending the whole day today from 8am-4pm and tomorrow from 8am-noon at the South Town Expo Center. All the K-12 homeschoolers are completing the end of year testing which covers Language Arts, Math, and Science. This is our first year with K-12, for the most part it has been a very good thing for Duncan. Dropping him off they gave me a wrist band to claim him at the end of the day. I kind of had the Mom leaving a kindergarten child off for the first day of school. I am just a bit high strung. Duncan did his usual barrel ahead to where they wanted him to sit in the room without even a glance back or "Bye". He thinks he wants to go back to regular school, but I think he just needs to find some friends... Having to move also has hindered the social side. Jared and I have just been praying that Duncan has a good experience today and tomorrow and finishes strong.

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Julie said...

I hope it went well!