Sunday, January 18, 2009

new pics


crafting, making cookies, back to church, new glasses and happy swinging baby... not necessarily in that order, but here are some of the most recent things.

I've been working on my new business Darling Stitch e-mail at website at blog site for pics and info at or purchase items online at it takes a lot of time, so not everything is to where I would like.

I let Lindsay and Jack paint with good acrylic paints on pressed board, I will have to post those pics too, just thought of it.

Duncan was allowed to pick his own glasses, with some trepidation from his parentals. But Jack purposely lost his pair and broke his back ups because Mom picked them out. We couldn't afford to go through that with Duncan, so that is his "style". They remind me of a modern horned rimmed they've got a good inch thick side. He won't let me cut his hair either, I'll probably win that fight when summer hits.

Ruby has been cute as ever all smiles and loves to play with toys. She is aiming high and trying hard to sit up from a lying down position. We call them mini crunches. She is strong.
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Julie said...

What cute kiddos! I love the glasses. My kids both want them, I'm hoping they won't need them for a long time. Ruby is just a doll.