Saturday, January 3, 2009

tired patience

I get the opportunity to have my patience tested over and over. I'm sure it's because I mastered with ease patience when I was younger. Now that my patience is running thin I must try to master it yet again. Or maybe it's just that I seemed to be patient, because when I was younger I was never truely tested. Either way. I gave in and named my new business. I had intended on gathering opinions and deciding at length after a poll or something. The name is "Darling Stitch" I've reserved the site, we own it but don't expect anything great, yet. We have plenty of work to get it to look like we want. Not to mention correct. We had the name idea for Craft Darling, but that's been taken. So ignore references to it if you see that. I have to change a lot. I'm sure I will post again to let everyone know to go see it for sure. I'll be listing and selling items on etsy. I'm not there yet, but go check it out any way, it's a fun site. It's like a ebay for crafters.

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