Saturday, January 24, 2009

Warning: You may not want to read this...

Fair warning. I don't get many people reading my blog, so this is a good place to release my horrible, rotten, no good morning to. There may be some scarring emotionally if you read on.
I was awoken from slumber this morning at 4:30 am Not as common any more, but occasionally normal for nursing babe. Yet as I took care of my baby, all my "precious" little ones one by one entered my room, wide awake and with no intentions of going back to bed. Then there was the incident. One which I just finished cleaning up. It is now 8:12AM as I write this! I need to purge to forget!
To give an inkling of what I've just endured, I will try to not give nitty gritty details. But so there is an understanding... If you have ever had to brush consistently at that piece of fecal matter that somehow made it onto the porcelain bowl and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to come off. Now Imagine a child, precious child, confessing that they didn't just get up at 4:30 AM but have actually been up since 3:00 AM and had indescribable bathroom issues. Oh, and not in ONE bathroom, but TWO bathrooms. If ever you have seen the movie Daddy Day Care, I now REALLY know how he feels and NO it's not funny any more!!! I had intended on cleaning my bathrooms today, but I did not think I'd be cleaning THAT. Someone somewhere must not have believed my thoughts on "I will clean my bathrooms today" or they just thought it would be funny. PfThthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to them! Now sadly I cringe when anyone goes into the bathroom now. I don't think I can take much more today. Stupid fog.


Julie said...

Blah. We all had the stomach flu last weekend, so I can sympathize with you just a bit.

Kelley said...

Lisa, I'm sorry, I know what you mean. I missed you last week at Jo's. I hope we can do GNO again, Stupid Fog. :)