Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been busy with etsy. It's slow going, within one month of having began the business, I've sold three items. I'm working on more projects. Taking care of the kids. I don't know how well I juggle. But feel free to look up my shop to give your options www.darlingstitch.etsy.com
Tonight Jared and Jack will be doing the dreaded sleep study to see if Jacks oxygen levels are dropping when he sleeps. It sure does run in the family. Jared and Duncan have the C-PAP machine to sleep with at night. And now Jared, Duncan, Jack, and Lindsay will have all gone to perform this sleep study. Duncan and Lindsay had there tonsils and adenoids removed to help. I'm wondering if that's what they'll try with Jack. The specialist did say that even if Jack wasn't a heart patient he'd be a candidate for this test because he has an unusually large uvula.
Well, I need to get more accomplished and stop procrastinating... I'm wishing you all good health!



Stacey said...

That sounds like fun for you. I actually heard recently that sleep problems are the #1 reason they do tonsillectomies now too. Alex's were more for eating problems than sleeping, but they did affect his sleeping too. Are you basically planning on his tonsils having to come out?

Cindy said...

Hope the sleep study goes well. Sometimes I wish Russ would do one to see if something can be done about his snoring. :)

Julie said...

My oh my, always something going on at your house! I hope they just take them out & solve the problem.