Thursday, February 12, 2009

To sleep or not to sleep

I write this having been up since 4 AM, it is now 5:30 AM and i'm feeling fine. I had a horrible nightmare while Jared was gone with Jack to the sleep study. Totally unrelated to why i'm up.
I'm even more curious as to what the sleep doctor will tell us and what the study will show... Because Jared said that Jack fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep (not usual for him) and from what Jared saw from the monitors before he himself passed out, Jack's O2 levels were actually higher than they've been, I think he said 89, which is nearly normal.
I also wonder if all the behavioral problems we've roller-coastered on with Jack is related to when he had a cold. It all began back when he cracked his head open and had to go to the ER for some stitches. He got a cold and his O2 levels had dropped to 85. It makes me wish I were more trained, so I could self administer some oxygen if needed and not have to constantly wonder if I should travel into the hospital to get there opinion and hope we don't pick up anything while we're there.
Well, id take a cat nap now if I could, but the girls have shifted in my bed having climbed in really early. And now there's no room. Ah well an early start to the day shouldn't hurt. Plus it is Jared's day off (yay!)

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