Saturday, August 21, 2010


My eldest is now 9 years old. After a rough couple of years in a school system not built for his strengths or weakness'... And after the system not offering solutions and heading in the wrong direction; we flexed our parenting abilities and took the charge of doing all we could do. For this current school year he has been enrolled and accepted into K-12 / Utah Virtual Academy. He doesn't technically begin until this coming Monday the 23rd. However he was able to take his assessment exams today and navigate the site. It will be involved, it is full time school. But it is a much MUCH better fit for my son than I had even hoped for! I hope that this year will continue to improve and he will flourish in ways I know he can, and more.

If anyone has kids that get too bored and feel held back having to wait for a huge class in school, or that they are far too distracted by the throngs of children cramped into a classroom, if they have special needs, disorders or the like I would wholeheartedly recommend K-12. I had pulled my son out of school before the end of the year last school session, I had to do it all myself, homeschooling. I'm not that organized nor am I a trained teacher. It was really hard. K-12 is more of an online charter school. He has a teacher, he is more responsible for reading and completing the task at hand. They have everything organized for us. I'm here to help, when help is required. I'm lovin' it!

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Julie said...

Good luck with k-12 this year! I hope it works out well for you guys.